Around 600,000 years ago.......

Maps of Bulmer in earlier years

The history of some older houses and their residents in Bulmer

A short biography of past residents of Bulmer.

The history of the church, War memorial and Graveyards of St. Andrew's

Memories of school days and living in Bulmer

Books about Bulmer by local authors.

A Bulmer resident who fort in the Battle of Waterloo

The day a field fire raged in Bulmer, several fire engines in attendance.

Taken by Peter Rowe from a Tiger Moth piloted by Richard Teverson of Belchamp Walter

Taken by Peter Rowe from a Cessna, piloted by Peter Minter

One of the last surviving business's, Bulmer Brick & Tile Company making handmade bricks.

Names of past residents collected by Basil Slaughter

Diaries by Peter Rowe from 2005 to 2021

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