Question MarkKen Theobald
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I'm searching for my Theobald family history, most of whom were born, lived or worked in Sudbury, Suffolk, as 'ag labs.'
Recently I saw that the family patriarch, Samuel Theobald (b. circa 1772-1838) was born in Bulmer
If possible, could you post a request for information if anyone knows about Theobald ancestors from Bulmer?  If you can help please contact us at

Do you know these people?


These people are standing outside one of the old Post Offices in Bulmer, do you know who they are and where it is?  If so please contact us at

Who are they?


Have you any idea who these people are, we would love to know. If you can help us, please contact us at

Did you go to Bulmer School near the church?


If you went to this old school and have memories you would like to share them with others, please contact us at