Memorial Window top right (at the eastern end of the lefthand aisle)

On Sunday afternoon at Bulmer Church, the Rev. O. E. C. Alexander (Rector of Henny) dedicated a stained glass window in the Lady Chapel, given bv a brother and sister in memory of Albert Edward Minter, Ada, his wife ,their daughter, Marjorie, and their granddaughter Elizabeth.

The window was designed and executed by Mrs Muriel Minter-Cooper A.R.C.A. and erected by Mr L. A. Minter of the Brickfields, Bulmer. both children of the late Mr and Mrs A.E. Minter.

It consists of three large panels with smaller tracery above , the overall measurements being about 10ft by 7ft. The central panel portrays the Nativity, left hand panel depicts the rising of the centurions daughter and the righthand shows Christ appearing before his Mother after the resurrection.

In his address Mr Alexander referred to the beauty of the window and the lessons to be drawn from the
Biblical scenes it depicted.

He hoped this beautiful example both of present-day stained glass window art and a family’s devotion, would convey as much to future generations as it did to all who saw it to-day.

The hymns “ Lead, Kindly Light “ and “Thou, Whose Almighty Word were sung by the congregation with Miss Thelma Surridge at the organ.

Mrs Minter-Cooper, who designed the window, is the wife of the well known artist Mr Gerald Cooper IDA. principal of Wimbledon School of Art. She has designed windows for over a score of churches.

Many representatives of the Minter family and their friends were present , including Mr and Mrs G Minter -Cooper  and  their daughter Jennifer, Dr and Mrs Symonds and their daughter, and Mr and Mrs Erie Rish and Mr and Mrs C Horksley, Mrs G Havenden and others.


These are also other Minter stained glass windows in the porch

Dedicated to Agnes M Peggy Redfern nee Minter 1899 - 1968 (bottom right)

In memory of F W Minter May 17 1902 - Aug. 1957 (left)